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Alaska represents the pinnacle of the sport for all levels of skiers and boarders. There are mountains as far as you can see for hundreds and hundreds of miles and every season is different. Recognizing changes in our climate and understanding patterns in the weather provide valuable clues about the general health and overall stability of regional snowpacks.

After 20+ years of heli skiing across the state we have learned that there is always amazing snow to be found but having the flexibility to chase the best conditions is critical. 

The Stellar Strategic Strike package increases our chances for success.

Here is how the new program works:

Pick your week from Saturday to Saturday during the months of March/April and we will guarantee a private helicopter for 8 guests with the most experienced guides. One month prior to departure, Stellar will utilize our knowledge, experience, and connections in the industry to determine the best location based on recent weather patterns. Our number one priority is safety and finding the locations with the healthiest snow pack. For this reason we have establish relationships with operators in both the South East and Northern regions of the state. We look forward to showing you the best of Alaska.

*The Stellar Strategic Strike refund policy offers guest 100% roll over credit on any unused heli time and lodging towards any Stellar trip whether it be Alaska, Idaho, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, or Japan.